7 November 2004 LAWFUEL – Law firm, legal, law, attorney news H…

7 November 2004 LAWFUEL – Law firm, legal, law, attorney news Harris & Moure, the international law firm for small business, has expanded its China law practice by adding veteran China lawyer, Steven M. Dickinson.

Mr. Dickinson earned his BA in Chinese language, summa cum laude, and his JD, with honors, from the University of Washington. Before joining Harris & Moure, Mr. Dickinson was an attorney with the Tokyo law firm of Matsuo & Kosugi, the Chairperson of the International Law Group at Garvey, Schubert & Barer, and the Director of the Chinese Contract Litigation Project and a Professor of International Contract Negotiation at the University of Washington law school. Mr. Dickinson was also a lecturer (in Chinese) at Beijing University School of Law. Mr. Dickinson is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and he also speaks Japanese.

Mr. Dickinson will be spending about half his time in the United States and the other half in China, mostly in or near Shanghai, Beijing, and Qingdao. Mr. Dickinson will be assisting Harris & Moure clients with their Chinese transactional and litigation matters.

Harris & Moure founding partner, Dan Harris, states that “he is just delighted to have Steve on board. We were competing with the top big firms for Steve, but he liked how we do things and the smaller business market we serve. I just think Steve saw more opportunity to actually do things in China with us than with a big firm where his job would mostly be to parcel out the work to some high priced lawyer in Shanghai.”

“He joined us on October 1, and by October 15, he was off to China on behalf of many clients interested in setting up manufacturing and/or sales operations there.”

Dan Harris
Harris & Moure
Email: firm@harrismoure.com

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