The 8 Most Arrested Celebrities

The 8 Most Arrested Celebrities 2

People love lists and celebrities love publicity – but when it comes to the celebs with the longest arrest sheet then maybe the publicity is to be avoided. Maybe.

Fame10 have a list of the 8 most-arrested celebrities and it features the usual suspects, you might think

The “Most Arrested” title on the list goes to none other than Martin Sheen with a rap sheet of 66 arrests. As the site says: “unlike most celebrities, the reason that he has been arrested so many times is because of his social and political conscience – he loves protesting. He was first arrested in 1986 for protesting President Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Initiative and his most recent arrest was in 2007 when he and 38 other activists trespassed at the Nevada Test Site.”

Following Marty Sheen was rapper DMX (13 arrests), Snoop Dog (8) – Read the rest at Fame10

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