A History of Rape – And The Ropati ‘Celebrity’ Trial – NZ Legal

BriefCase Blog – NZ Legal – I’ve been looking for a book on the history of rape, or perhaps a thesis from law-lite university, the University of Waikato. Rape is one of the ‘great’ crimes, replete with social and even political significance. Its history would make compelling reading, particularly during the dull periods in history, like the Renaissance, for instance.

The “Sunday Star Times” reported last week on the Tea Ropati rape case as being the “celebrity case with everything”. Dear, oh dear. There is no rugby league player in the world who is a ‘celebrity’. And rape charges are, I always thought, a de rigueur part of league training. The only real celebrity we had was buried last week. As for our own ‘celebrity trial’, then short of some dramatic, utterly unexpected occurrence among minor ‘names’, like Jim Hickey running amuck and shooting Ali and Simon in the newsroom, there’s very little we can expect in the future.

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