Adopting a Child From Abroad? – To Hague or Not to Hague

Adopting a Child From Abroad? - To Hague or Not to Hague


Adopting a baby from overseas is a very large decision for your family to make. Choosing to adopt from another country can take a longer period of time, and there will be many international issues that must be handled before the child will be free to leave and join your family in the U.S.

The Hague Convention

Many countries participate in the Hague Adoption Convention which is a set of laws and guidelines that must be followed if you adopt a child from another country. When you adopt a child through the Hague Convention, you will find the process complicated, yet easier than trying to adopt through a non-participating country.


These laws and guidelines were established to protect the children and to prevent human trafficking. The rules mandate that all agencies offering adoption services must be accredited. This ensures they perform with professional and ethical behavior. The guidelines also make it easier to obtain permission to remove the child from its birth county and obtain all the proper visas.

While it is possible to adopt from locations that haven’t adopted the Hague Convention, it can be a very difficult process. Without established laws and guidelines, the originating country can make it quite difficult to remove children from the country.

Many of these countries have very shady adoption agencies because of this and the fees can become excessive. After all the time and investment put into the process, there is still no guarantee that you will be given permission to adopt. In addition, obtaining all of the right paperwork and visas from the United States will also be more difficult.

It will always be in the best interest of the adoptive parents to work closely with the U.S. consulate in the adoptive country as well as an experienced attorney who oversees foreign adoptions.

Preparing for Your New Loved One

Once all of the paperwork has been approved and it is time to bring your new baby home, the real adventure will begin. The first hurdle that you must cross is the long plane ride back to the United States. Babies can become restless on long plane rides, so making your baby comfortable will be a priority.

Bring a nursing pillow with you for the ride. These pillows are specifically designed to make mother and baby very comfortable together.

When you arrive home, give yourself and your new child a few days to adjust to the new surroundings and home before you start having guests. Everyone I going to be excited and want to rush over, but your family needs some down time to adjust to the new family and unfamiliar surroundings.

Once you have relaxed and recovered from your trip, gradually start introducing your new family member to your family and friends. Try not to overwhelm yourself or your baby.

Adopting a baby from another country can be absolutely wonderful. It is a great way to create a family, and it provides a true service to a child in need. Prospective parents should be prepared for the paperwork and legalities of an overseas adoption. Working with a credible agency and choosing to adopt through the Hague Convention will improve your chances of having an easy adoption process.
Freelance writer Teresa Stewart delved into the protections of the Hague Convention while learning about child trafficking. She researched Mombo nursing pillow by Comfort and Harmony at Target as a follow up for infant comforts.




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