5 Powerful Video Ads For Lawyers That Will Generate New Clients For Your Firm

video marketing for lawyers

John Butterworth* In today’s modern world, most people discover new brands for the first time via social media platforms. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other tech giants boast eye-watering amounts of active users; who spend hours on their apps consuming information and learning about new products or services.

Marketing savvy law firms have recognized this trend and taken advantage of social media ads to skyrocket their brand growth, including their video marketing for lawyers, simply by introducing their business to the people living in their service areas.

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to do the same for your firm. We’re going to explain which ad type performs the best and how to create content that will engage potential customers.

Let’s dive in!

Why You Need To Focus On Video Ads

To have success with your social media ads you need to understand this: the goal of every social media platform is to keep users engaged on their app for as long as possible.

If your content helps to keep people using their apps, social media algorithms will reward your posts with more visibility in its user’s newsfeeds, giving you extra opportunities to generate new sales and leads.

Now you might be thinking “sounds great but how do I post content which keeps people engaged?” The answer is, videos.

Right now, video content is dominating social media newsfeeds because it hooks users and keeps them scrolling for longer. 

Want the proof? Launch any social media app of your choice and scroll until you find a video. Our guess is it’ll be less than 10 seconds.

The stats also back up the popularity of video on socials:

  • Facebook video ads receive 10-30% more impressions than any other format (Solocube)
  • Tweets containing videos generate 10x more engagement (Twitter)
  • Video posts on Instagram receive 2x more engagement than other types of posts (Hubspot & Mention)

Hence, to get the most engagement on your ads and best possible ROI, you need to be building campaigns which focus on video creative.

5 Videos To Create Video Ads For Lawyers

Before diving into video ideas for your ads we need to talk about the goal of your campaigns.

It’s unlikely that people in urgent need of legal assistance will wait until seeing a social media ad before contacting a lawyer. 

The purpose of your ads should be to make people aware of your brand so that when they do need urgent legal assistance, your firm will be the first thing they think of.

To accomplish this, you need to be publishing content that establishes your authority and expertise in your niche. That way any potential clients know that you can deliver for them when they need you.

Below are 5 examples of content that you can post as ads to build your authority.

  1. In-depth Specialty Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to associate your law firm with success. 

By providing a complete story of:

  • Your client’s predicament and why they approached you
  • The methodology your firm used to win their case
  • And the end result for the client

You can add huge amounts of credibility to your firm just by providing real-life examples of cases you’ve won.

This type of ad resonates with viewers because it allows them to see themselves in your video. It implants the thought “if they’ve helped them, they can do the same for me.” Which is exactly how you want to position your firm.

If your firm has a specific specialty (such as tax law) then building this type of ad is an absolute must. 

People looking for legal advice on a specific niche don’t want to call a firm that covers everything, they want to work with a firm that knows exactly what they’re doing. Convince these people with a specialty case study.

  1. Legal Explainer Videos
video ads for lawyers

Explainer videos are pieces of light-hearted informational content that educates watchers whilst also building your thought leadership.

They’re used in the legal industry to educate potential clients on the law, thus potentially creating demand for their services by empowering people to recognize more violations when they see them.

Think of it this way: if someone watches a video you’ve posted on police excessive-force cases in California, then that person has an incident in California exactly like the one described in your video. Who do you think they’re going to contact? 

The key to getting this type of video right is locality. Keep all of your content related to the areas in which your target customer lives. This way it’ll be highly relevant to them and they’ll be likely to watch your ad.

Our recommendation would be to make at least one video per legal service that you provide. Not only will this drum up interest in your services but it’ll also showcase your vast legal knowledge.

  1. Testimonial Videos 

Video testimonials are the modern-day version of word-of-mouth advertizing and a must for any law firm.

What makes video testimonials so effective is the perceived authenticity behind them. The person promoting your firm isn’t another ‘corporate lawyer’ selling themselves, it’s a real person who is passing on a recommendation.

A claim which is backed up by Bright Local’s annual consumer review survey, which reports that 76% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from friends and family.

When recording your testimonials there are two best practices you need to cover:

  1. Make sure your video testimonials are told in a story format. Viewers retain more information when the message is conveyed to them as a story
  2. Testimonials are a great way to win over new clients by addressing any concerns they may have. We recommend turning any potential roadblocks into a question that you can ask during your testimonial

Get these things right and you’ll have first-class ad content that will make watchers want to hire your firm.

5 Powerful Video Ads For Lawyers That Will Generate New Clients For Your Firm 1
Image: motiiionlabs.com
  1. Personal Introduction Videos

Personal introduction videos are clips that put the focus entirely on you. It’s a chance to tell new clients directly why they need to hire you whilst also covering your background and biggest career wins.

What personal intro videos do best is warm-up cold leads. When someone who has never met you before watches your video, it works to build a rapport with you in their mind. That way when you do meet, the prospect will be much more open to working with you. 

However, whilst showcasing your personality is strongly encouraged, the focus should always be on demonstrating your professionalism. 

When people reach out for legal assistance it’s often during a distressing period in their lives. If they feel that you lack motivation or aren’t extremely passionate about the law, then it’s likely that they won’t trust you with their case.

So yes, be personable in your video but always convey yourself as professional and strive to give viewers the confidence that you’re the best person to represent them.

  1. Promotional Corporate Video

Promotional corporate videos are essentially trailers for your business. They’re characterized by their high-production quality and cover things such as your mission statement, company specialisms, and key members of staff.

The consumer psychology behind promo videos is fascinating. By giving your videos the Hollywood treatment, you create the perception of authority and professionalism in the viewer’s mind.

Essentially, it’s because you have the resources to invest in your business marketing which is an indicator of success. If your competitors fail to match your production quality, then you’ve already got a big headstart over them in the battle for new clients.

One thing which differentiates corporate promo videos from the other content types in this list is that they’re overly promotional.

Promo videos are built to raise awareness of your services and call your viewers to action! So when going down this route for your paid ads, make sure your videos include clear instructions on precisely what you want viewers to do after watching. 


Video marketing is a must for any law firm looking to win new clients. The rise of social media platforms has made displaying ad content to people living in your service areas easier than ever before. 

But don’t fall into the trap of creating static image ads that users scroll by without a second glance. 

Invest in video content and you’ll be rewarded with extra visibility in people’s feeds and you’ll also win new clients by making your marketing message easy to consume.

5 Powerful Video Ads For Lawyers That Will Generate New Clients For Your Firm 2

John is an experienced digital marketer who believes the fastest way to grow any business is by automating their lead acquisition. He’s helped many companies to scale rapidly through a tried-and-tested combination of SEO, CRO, and email automation. John’s career has taken him across specialist roles in China, Vietnam, and The UK. Currently, he works in-house for global video creation platform Viddyoze.” He may be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/butterworth-john/

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