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Aion is one of the massively multiplayer online role playing games which was developed by a Korean game developer and released to the international audience by the Japanese gaming company NC soft. The game is also known as the Tower of Aion in Japan. It was known as the Tower of Aion in the other parts of the world as well until it was released as Aion in North America. The game is fantasy based and offers a number of Player on player battles and Player on environment battles. The game has a lot of options when it comes to character customisation. Everything ranging from the shapes of each and every body part to their size can be customised by the gamer.

Even the tattoos the character carries can be customised by the gamer. So much detailing has gone into the customisation part. Customisation is an important part of the game because the character is the one which is going to convert your thoughts into actions in the game. Hence it becomes very essential to choose the right character and give it the right features and skill set. The game provides the character with several skill sets at the beginning of the game. The game is not too lavish in giving out skills because the skills gained at the beginning of the game can only be used initially.

When the game progresses the players require greater skills set and hence they need to work hard for it. The skill sets required at the later part of the game are very advanced and hence a player needs to be well versed with the usage of skill sets to rightly put them to use. The game is divided into a number of classes and these classes can be chosen once the player has completed nine levels in the game. A player is allowed to choose two characters through his aion account out of the four classes which are available.

The game’s storyline is very well formed and is very unique. Aion is the supreme power in the kingdom and he appoints humans and Balaurs to protect the kingdom of Atreia. The humans do their job but the Balaurs become obsessed with power and fail to perform their duty. This angers Aion and he takes away the power from the Balaurs. They in turn start a war against Aion who creates twelve Empyrean lords to protect the kingdom.

With a storyline as strong as this player were bound to register themselves for Aion online accounts and they did register. This earned a lot of profit to the company as well the websites selling these accounts. After the initial subscription, the players started playing the game and when they reached a good position in the game they would sell off their Aion accounts to gamers who wanted to play this game but started late and could not catch up with their friends ffxi accounts.

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