Advice Interactive Group Helps Companies Repair Reputations

Almost every company will have some unhappy customers, and with the ease of the internet, some of these customers will inevitably post negative reviews and bad experiences with the company. However, these problems may stem from an interaction with a single employee who may not even be with the company any longer, and such a reputation shouldn’t be the first thing that people see when they look up a company on the internet. Now, Advice Interactive Group is helping companies combat this negative reputation.

Advice Interactive Group offers a plan that includes tracking the actions of a company and the opinions of other companies and individuals, and reporting back to the company on those opinions, changing what needs to be changed and resolving issues, essentially creating feedback loops. With everyone on the internet these days, and a damaging opinion taking only seconds to be created and published on the web, having a reputation management team dedicated to tracking and reporting your reputation online is vital to today’s businesses.

Advice Interactive Group also offers internet marketing and website promotion SEO services, in addition to reputation monitoring and repair, as well as a host of other services such as custom publishing and consulting for magazines, blogs, websites and newsletters and specialized services such as art direction and design and production services. They are specialists in advertising, especially web based advertising, Pay-Per-Click, website design and development and search engine marketing and optimization.

The goal with their reputation repair and management services are to create a positive image of the company within the top 20 search results, to put you at the top of search engine listings, and put negative information much lower, because most users do not search any farther than the top twenty results.

Advice Interactive Group is based in the Southern United States, in Dallas, Texas, and can be reached by phone at (877) 697-7250. You can find them on the web at

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