AllCom Announces New Text Messaging Tool

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Nevada-based AllCom Communications announced today the launch of the new “SendTEXT Phonebook” feature in its Universal Office integrated communications platform.

Said AllCom CEO Thomas Skala, “Text messaging is one of the most popular and widely used ways of communicating to come along in years. It’s also surprisingly limited and sometimes very expensive. Sending a single text from London to Los Angeles or from Toronto to Tokyo can cost as much as $1.50 or more. We intend to let our customers break those barriers, and the new SendTEXT PhoneBook is the next arrow in our assault on the ‘text blockade’.”

The first element of AllCom’s plan to broaden the usability of text messaging was the recent introduction of the GenieMessenger (, a web-based system that takes a short text message and simultaneously delivers it to the recipient through traditional SMS message, email and voicemail. The product effectively eliminates the need for the sender to choose a single delivery mechanism, while letting the recipient change their preference of cell, land line or computer at any time.

“The SendTEXT Phonebook allows our subscribers to create a list of recipients who use our service. Then they can easily send a text message to one or all of the people listed in that Phonebook,” explained Skala.

“We started with text-messaging individual subscribers to let them know that they received a fax, voicemail or a payment,” Skala continued. “The ‘GenieMessenger’ took us to a subscriber receiving one text message in multiple ways from any one sender using any web-enabled computer. Now the ‘SendTEXT Phonebook’ takes us to a subscriber being able to send a text to one person or a thousand in just moments, and it’s all still at the recipient’s choice.

“This makes SendTEXT the perfect tool for business to customer communications, or messaging within a group or organization. No matter how many people you need to reach, or where they may be in the world, you can do so with complete privacy on both sides of the connection.

“Moreover, this is free to all Genie Subscribers, from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world“ Skala emphasized. “It’s already included in their existing Universal Office subscription. They can just log onto their account at and start loading in the Genie Numbers they want in their SendTEXT Phonebook.

“Oh – and those text message charges the cell-phone companies hit people with? We’re coming to take them out next.”

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