Amanda Knox Supporters Gather For Good News – And Braced For Bad – 1 October 2011 – As anxious Amanda Knox supporters await the verdict of an Italian judge, they are also planning a celebrationi at a Seattle hotel in the expectation that the judicial ruling will be in Knox’s favor. The decision is expected at around midnight Pacific time.

Knox is a former University of Washington student who was convicted in 2007 of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher.

The Seattle Times reports that one observer, forensic scientist Mark Waterbury who did not know Knox before her trial but wrote a book debunking the DNA evidence produced to secure the conviction, believes the support group, which has developed into something akin to an Innocence project, has been “hugely positive”.

A small industry has grown up around the Knox case, with at least 10 books, a television movie and dozens of websites dedicated to distributing and anlyzing the evidence as well as Knox’s psyche. Defenders such as Waterbury have been ridiculed and celebrated.

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