Amanda Knox Refuses To Go Back To Italy

Eduardo Dieguez is a professional blogger for He spent time living in Switzerland as a child helping to foster a culturally open mind from an early age.

amanda-knoxMost Americans are familiar with the trial that has plagued Amanda Knox, the college student that was convicted of murdering her then roommate Meredith Kercher. Meredith was found dead due to multiple stab wounds at the villa she shared with Amanda Knox.
Shortly after the discovery of her body Italian police began investigating both Amanda Knox and her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. This convoluted affair saw her endure a couple of years in jail before her and her ex-boyfriend were finally acquitted. The acquittal came about due to a lack of evidence that could truly establish Amanda or Raffaele without a shadow of doubt.

Yet Amanda Knox’s journey is not over yet with reports that the Italian Supreme Court has determined that a retrial was necessary due to certain factors. The argument that the Italian Supreme Court brings up claims that not all of the evidence in this trial was considered by the jury as well as possible improper testimony that needed to be set straight. So here we are yet again reexamining the possibility of imprisoning Amanda Knox for a murder she has already been acquitted of.

Amanda Refuses

Amanda Knox, like most others in her situation, is flatly declining the invitation back onto Italian soil and sending her lawyer in lieu of herself. While this move is legally acceptable it does possibly taint her image in Italy. She hopes to remain in the United States while this new trial plays out as to avoid any further possible jail time.

US Government Involvement

One must wonder what the United States Government position is in this delicate situation. Italy is a friendly ally with the United States, exporting sixteen million dollars worth of goods to the United States alone in 2012. The relationship between these two nations extends further than a purely economical relationship as Italy has also been an ally to the United States in its War on Terror.

Even when considering all of this information it is still not clear as to whether or not the United States is willing to extradite Amanda Knox.  Everyone knows that if Knox is found guilty in this new trial, the Italian Government will quickly push through an extradition request for her. Still as I stated before, it is unsure if the United States Government itself will comply with a request.


The more and more I see this case brought up in the news I find ponder if this is nothing more than a court room spectacle. Amanda Knox has gone through the ringer not just once, not just twice, but three times now. In a case where someone is already serving time for the murder it’s hard for me to comprehend what exactly they are trying to solve anymore.

Why is Rudy Hermann Guede in prison for sixteen years if we still don’t know whether Knox and Sollecito were involved? I truly hope that this case is eventually shut and closed. No one deserves to be accused over and over as they try to live out their lives. It is simply unfair to Amanda Knox as she watches her name get dragged through the mud so many times while someone sits in prison for the exact same charges alleged against her.

Eduardo Dieguez is a professional blogger for He spent time living in Switzerland as a child helping to foster a culturally open mind from an early age.

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