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AMSTERDAM – LAWFUEL – Law News Network – Allen & Overy has advised the Slotervaart Hospital in the first ever sale of a hospital to private parties to take place in the Netherlands. The hospital will be sold to Meromi Holding B.V..

The original sale, to a consortium including Housing Corporations De Key and Het Oosten and Health Care Institute Cordaan, fell through at the last moment, leaving just 24 hours in which to negotiate a deal with a new buyer. The Slotervaart Hospital was in financial distress, needing to repay a EUR 10 million tax debt before 31 August.

The core team was led by Herald Jongen with assistance from partner and regulatory specialist Peter Eijsvoogel, Callista Meijer (Regulatory), Joel Erwteman (Corporate) and Jonathan Heeringa (Employment).

Corporate partner Herald Jongen commented: “It has been an exciting transaction to work on due to the many regulatory aspects involved and the role of regulators. This transaction has set the standard for mergers and acquisition in the sector and we would not be surprised to see more in the future”.

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