Announcing Seal cDiscovery

– a technology breakthrough that for the first time, enables automatic search, extraction and integration of legacy contracts

20th October, 2010, Reading, UK and California, USA – Seal Software has launched Seal cDiscovery, a breakthrough in how legacy contracts can be made visible and accessible. Using artificial intelligence (AI), cDiscovery means that for the first time, all contractual information can be centrally managed, whether legacy or new. Designed to integrate easily into existing systems, target customers for cDiscovery are corporate counsel, CFOs and financial controllers, sales and customer management. First deployments and trials have already commenced.

Says CEO of Seal Software, Ulf Zetterberg, “Organisations usually have numerous legacy documents that still need to be accessible, yet which are frequently hidden or hard to access, whether paper or digitally based. Once contracts have been created, they are often lost from sight. Seal cDiscovery overcomes this issue and, by automating much of the process, drastically reduces the time and effort that would be involved manually.”

Benefits include reduced exposure to risk (for example, missed milestones), better control over the financial expenditure associated with contracts, and improved support for sales and customer relationship management, by providing clearer support data for negotiation processes.

Using artificial intelligence, cDiscovery is able to identify legacy contracts and other documents stored in hidden Windows file shares or other locations such as users’ laptops, then automatically extract key milestone terms. cDiscovery also integrates the contracts and key data into other systems – such as contract management, finance, ERP and CRM systems – so that they remain visible and accessible. cDiscovery can be easily customised to the individual organisation.

cDiscovery cDiscovery is designed to support multi-hosted, distributed and scalable deployments. It is available in different options: as a one-off contract search and capture tool; an enterprise model for on-going search, extraction and integration of legacy documents; and a cloud-based service (Seal’s cloud or the user’s chosen cloud provider) that supports remote access, for instance from users’ laptops.


cDiscovery Capture module:

Scans and locates digital contracts stored on corporate file shares and users’ laptops
OCR engine scans and processes paper documents
Normalisation of fields to rich text and common formats
Intelligent rules engine extracts relevant contract details such as key dates, contract obligations, and rights to assign
cDiscovery Enterprise

All the functionality of cDisocvery Capture, plus:

A flexible architecture to enable multi-hosted, distributed and scalable deployments
Artificial intelligence rules package for specific line-of-business customisations
Support for multiple languages
Interface to industry standard electronic calendars
cDiscovery Cloud:

Crawls laptops and corporate file services to locate contracts
Securely transfers information about contracts to the Seal Cloud or to a private cloud of the customer’s choice
Extracts contract details via a sophisticated rules engine
Returns relevant contract details and classifications back to the local application for review

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