Anti-Vax Lawyer Subject To Law Society Complaint

Anti-Vax Lawyer Subject To Law Society Complaint 2

A formal complaint against lawyer and anti-vaccine campaigner Sue Grey​ says she is using her status in the legal profession to further her “flawed, inaccurate and dangerous” claims about Covid-19.

FACT Aotearoa​, a group formed to counter misinformation and conspiracy theories in New Zealand, lodged a formal complaint with the New Zealand Law Society​ against the Nelson-based lawyer on Monday.

They say Grey has breached the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008, which state “a lawyer must not engage in conduct that tends to bring the profession into disrepute”.

“Grey has utilised promotion of misinformation as a tool for the self-promotion of her firm and political party. This has overtaken her first duty to serve the integrity of the legal profession, clients and justice at large.”

The death of a young schoolgirl from a non-vax-related issue, saw her confirm the death on Facebook where she posted – “Confirmed: First NZ schoolgirl Vax death.

 Anti-Vax Lawyer Subject To Law Society Complaint 3 

A co-leader of the Outdoor Party she has issued statements condemning the vaccine rollout and related issues.  She also acted as co-counsel in the May hearing that challenged the legality of the vaccine rollout.



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