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They say that words are mightier than swords. Maybe APlusA.org.uk’s writers are not that proficient with swords and other tools of war but the power of word is what our business is built upon. We at APlusA.org.uk never hesitate to learn more and develop ourselves. So, in order to further refine our methods and techniques, APlusA.org.uk has decided to hold a seminar on journalistic approaches and their usage in academic writing.

The goal of the seminar was to enrich two fields of writing with the advantages of each other. APlusA.org.uk has several journalists among its full-time experts. While they have gotten accustomed to writing about media and the rules of journalism, they undoubtedly miss edgy wordings and witticisms of their first profession. Last week they had a chance to share their experience and introduce journalistic techniques to other writers.

“It’s a common misconception that journalism is completely useless in academic writing,” the CEO of APlusA.org.uk says. “The trade of a journalist is not all about sharp tongue – it’s also the way you structure your text, create an intrigue, even suspense… All these methods are invaluable for an academic writer!”

If an ordinary word is said to be mightier than a sword just imagine how powerful a word accompanied by journalistic techniques is! A gun? A tank? It seems that APlusA.org.uk’s writers will soon start measuring their proficiency in TNT equivalent.

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