ASD’s Cyber Threat Report flags Australia’s new cyber normal RMIT University

A cyber security expert is available to talk to media about the ASD Cyber Threat Report which was released this week and the Australian Cyber Security Strategy, which is set to be released next week. 

Professor Matthew Warren, Director of the RMIT Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CCSRI) 

Topics: cyber security, cyber crime and threats, Australian Cyber Security Strategy 

“Australia is facing increased risks in relation to cyber security and the new ASD 2022-23 threat report bears this out. 

“Last year 94,000 cyber crime reports were reported to the government, an average of a report every six minutes; the previous year a crime was reported every seven minutes. 

“In that time, the government also responded to 143 cyber incidents focused on Australia’s cyber security critical infrastructure. 

“The financial costs of cyber crime incidents have also increased from last year, up by 14 percent – which is a massive increase.  

“Cyber crimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated operations, and these attacks will continue to rise in the micro and macro levels until we introduce preventative measures that can keep up with their development. 

“The report states key cyber issues identified are ongoing poor patch management and poorly connected IT and operation technology networks. 

“Hopefully, the Federal Government’s Cyber Security Strategy, which is set to be handed down next week, will strengthen Australia’s cyber security strategies and regulations to minimise the risks and disruptions caused by increasing cyberattacks.” 

Matthew Warren is a researcher in the areas of cyber security and critical infrastructure. He will also be available to comment on the Australian Cyber Security Strategy when it is released. Media contacts:

Interviews: Matthew Warren, +61 432 745171 or     

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