ATLANTA and BOSTON, May 3, 2004 — INTA Annual Meeting — The PW Reg…

ATLANTA and BOSTON, May 3, 2004 — INTA Annual Meeting —
The PW Registry Corporation (
today announced services for trademark owners to police and
protect their trademarks in the PW top-level domain, planned
for general availability in the summer of 2004. Short for
“Personal Web”, the PW domain is Internet’s only top-level
domain extension devoted to individuals and “Communities of
Shared Interests.”

The best way to avoid trademark infringement is to stop it
before it happens. The PW IP Claims Service is an annual
subscription for trademark owners to monitor PW domains for
potentially infringing domain names. As an industry first,
the PW Registry’s IP Claims Service provides both trademark
prevention and protection for trademark owners 365 days a

“Launching this summer, PW will be the Internet’s first
Community-based Domain Registry,” says Tom Barrett,
President of PW Registry. “Communities can be formed around
alumni groups, political issues, professional organizations
and hobbies. The PW IP Claims service allows trademark
owners to monitor potential use of their trademarks
throughout the community namespace and to educate users on
the lawful and non-infringing uses of trademarks in online

PW Registry helps prevent trademark infringement two ways:

1. By publishing a list of purchased IP Claims. This
published list allows potential registrants to be aware that
their use of a string is being monitored by a trademark
owner. Publication in the list is optional by the IP

2. By sending an email to registrants. If an IP Claim
matches a domain name registration, an email notice is
immediately sent to both the registrant and the IP Claimant.

In addition, PW Registry has announced its own Dispute
Resolution Policy (pwDRP), developed in association with the
Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. The Berkman Center is
a research program founded to explore legal issues on the
Internet and to help pioneer the development of
Internet-related law. Independent dispute resolution
service providers will handle all PW domain name disputes.

Eligibility and Availability

All registered, pending and common law trademarks registered
in any jurisdiction are eligible for filing a PW IP Claim.
No proof of trademark rights is required in order to file a
Claim. PW IP Claims will be available via resellers
starting June 15.

About PW Registry Corporation

As the public trustee of the PW domain, PW Registry
Corporation is responsible for ensuring that the management
and administration of the PW top-level domain, the
Internet’s first domain extension devoted to “Communities of
Shared Interest,” is in the public interest. PW Registry
Corporation provides the PW domain through partnership with
the Micronesia Investment and Development Corporation, the
ICANN-delegated Sponsor for PW; and the Palau National
Communications Corporation, the designated point of contact
within the Government of the Republic of Palau. For more
information, please visit

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