Attorney General Bondi’s Office Sues to Shut Down National Investment Scheme

pam biondi at meeting about transnational crime

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office sued David Gothard, as well as other companies Gothard created, for operating a national investment scheme that used racketeering and other illegal activity to steal millions of dollars from people across the country, many of whom were elderly. Attorney General Bondi’s office is seeking all forms of civil relief, including restitution for innocent investors, revocation of the defendants’ ability to transact business in Florida, forfeiture of all of defendants’ property, and civil penalties.

According to the investigation, the defendants transferred patents among themselves, and solicited investors based upon false representations regarding the patents, the companies, and products. They then allegedly stole investors’ money and continued to repeat their scheme. The investigation revealed that Gothard and his company created fraudulent documents in order to operate a patent assertion entity that collected millions from third parties based upon false pretenses and fraudulent documents.

Due to the disarray of corporate records produced by the defendants throughout the investigation, as well as the commingling of funds by Gothard in his personal accounts, investors of the following companies are asked to contact the office at (866) 966-7226:

· Activision TV, Inc.
· Activelight, Inc.
· Activelight TV, LLC
· Ad Media Displays, Inc.
· Activision Displays, Inc.
· Connect HDTV, Inc.
· ADCO Financial Corp.


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