Attorney General McCollum and Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi

Date: November 18, 2010
From: Sandi Copes, Attorney General’s Communications Director
To: Members of the media
Re: Attorney General McCollum and Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi send letter to Attorneys General-elect and Governors-elect on health care lawsuit

Attorney General McCollum and Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi yesterday sent a letter to 13 Attorneys General-elect and Governors-elect encouraging them to join the lawsuit challenging the federal government’s health care law. The lawsuit was brought by 20 states and the National Federation of Independent Business and challenges the constitutionality of the law’s individual mandate. The lawsuit also seeks to defend states’ rights under the Constitution.

“Having a majority of the States litigating our Constitutional rights is a powerful message,” wrote McCollum and Bondi. “We feel, as many of you do, that it is incumbent particularly upon Attorneys General to defend the principles of federalism under our Constitution. We also share your concerns about the significant impact that the federal health care law, as an unfunded mandate, will have on your state budgets.”

The Wall Street Journal voiced a similar opinion today, writing that “newly elected Governors and AGs now have an opportunity to join this suit and underscore its importance to the future of liberty and our federal system of government.” The full opinion piece is available online at:

A copy of the letter is available online at:

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call the Attorney General’s Communications Office at 850.245.0150.

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