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MELBOURNE, Australia, June 1 – Legal newswire service

– Effective Measure Extends its Lead in Online Privacy

Effective Measure today announced plans to roll out a new industry leading visitor opt out mechanism that promises a new benchmark in visitor privacy.

Under the new initiative, Effective Measure continues to be fully compliant with EU and US – EU Safe Harbor privacy principles, but will also allow the millions of anonymous users it measures throughout the world a greater deal of control, by offering a permanent visitor opt out mechanism.

Dr Roger Kermode, Chief Privacy Officer at Effective Measure, said that this new initiative reaffirms Effective Measure’s relationship of trust with its customers and the anonymous users it measures throughout the world.

“One of the real challenges with current online audience measurement opt out mechanisms is that users who knowingly or unknowingly delete their Cookies are subsequently opted back in and measured again,” said Dr Kermode.

“Whilst making advances in addressing the global industry concern of cookie deletion and website audience over estimation, Effective Measure also has a responsibility to advance the area of user Privacy.

“We will do this by allowing the anonymous users we measure to permanently opt out of being measured via our Digital Helix methodology,” said Dr Kermode.

Scott Julian, CEO at Effective Measure, said that the new opt out mechanism, scheduled for release this month, is designed to enhance and extend the visitor opt out mechanism currently available on the Effective Measure website.

“We know that our customers expect increased accuracy of online measurement information, but they also want assurances that we are focused on protecting the privacy of the anonymous users we are measuring on their behalf,” said Mr Julian.

Advertisers and media agencies will continue to leverage the innovative Digital Helix methodology to help address the issue of cookie deletion and website audience over estimation, allowing them to effectively plan their online advertising campaigns reach and frequency.

Mr Julian stated that this initiative represents Effective Measure’s commitment to advancing both accuracy and privacy throughout the world.

“We are very proud of this new initiative and are confident it sets a new benchmark for the industry,” said Mr Julian.

Digital Helix(TM) is a registered trademark

About Effective Measure

Effective Measure provides cutting edge digital Audience Measurement, website rankings, internet demographics and market intelligence for website publishers, media agencies and digital marketers.

Effective Measure’s patent pending Digital Helix methodology addresses key industry concerns surrounding unique browser audience calculation and cookie deletion. Information collected includes visitor origination, IFABC and IAB metrics, constantly evolving user demographics and deep cross-website visitation all from a platform that redefines the cost effectiveness of providing this type of solution to the market. All information is collected in real-time and made available through a user-friendly online interface. The foundation of our operation is its combination of technology, web and marketing analytics expertise. Effective Measure is not another Web Analytics solution. The Global market is already well served by the likes of Google Analytics, WebTrends and Omniture, all of which operate across small, medium and enterprise customers. We believe the market needs, and is ready for, an alternative Digital Audience Benchmarking solution. The Effective Measure solution is both feature rich and cost effective, without compromising on data accuracy, scalability and the strong relationship publishers and advertisers enjoy throughout the world.

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