Australian Immigration Law Regime Arbitrary and Capricious:  Human Rights Expert

Australian Immigration Law Regime Arbitrary and Capricious:  Human Rights Expert

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 10-Jan-22 – –  

Human rights lawyer and National Justice Project CEO, Professor George Newhouse has  today commented on the conduct of the Djokovic case in the Federal Court by Home  Affairs. 

First of all, we have to put to one side any personal feelings we might have regarding Novak  Djokovic or the anti-vaccination movement. 

The real issue here is that the Australian Constitution allows racist and discriminatory laws  to be made. Historically, these affect only Indigenous people and refugees. For once, it is  affecting a wealthy and well-known sporting star. 

Mr Djokovic is getting a taste of how our capricious and cruel immigration regime is  enforced. There are men in detention with Djokovic who have been detained for over 8  years now. The extreme power of the Australian government to lock up aliens has its roots  not only in the Constitution but also the White Australia policy. It is embedded in our legal  system.  

Because the victim is world famous, for once the extreme cruelty of the Australian  government’s policies is getting international attention.  

Mr Djokovic is lucky to be able to talk to his lawyers and loved ones. The Australian  government simply ignores international humanitarian law, in 2017 the National Justice  Project had to go to the Federal Court to stop the Minister for Immigration from taking  phones from all immigration detainees.  

It’s a policy designed to isolate individuals, undermine their well-being, and limit their ability  to effectively put their case. People think that Australia is a friendly nation but you cannot  imagine how badly refugees and asylum seekers, who have committed no crime, are treated  here. 

Adjunct Professor Newhouse can be contacted on +61 (0)422 255 109. For further information please visit our website –


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