Baker + McKenzie Brings New Jobs to Ireland

Baker + McKenzie Brings New Jobs to Ireland 2

The use of backoffice services by law firms has been a developing trend for some years, but now Baker & McKenzie are creating up to 250 jobs in Belfast, welcome news for the struggling city, in a move that will create a “global services centre” (Read: lower cost support services).

The move by the global legal giant is welcome for the Northern Ireland city, with 70 jobs in legal services and 185 support roles in IT, human resources and the llike.

The firm – which recently announced an annual incomes of over $2.5 billion – will begin recruiting in September.

It currently boasts an 11,0000 strong workforce across 47 countries, providing legal services to some of the world’s largest firms.

The company’s chairman, Eduardo Leite said the latest expansion will “further enhance our ambition to lead our profession globally and offer our clients exceptional service wherever they are in the world”.

According to Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster, the new jobs could add £8 million in salaries to the Northern Ireland economy each year.

“With roles available across a variety of functions this investment will provide a wide range of opportunities for people at various stages of their career, from graduates to legal and other professionals,” he said.

“The firm is also keen to work closely with our universities to help develop curricula that will produce graduates with industry-relevant skills, making Northern Ireland an even more attractive to other global legal firms.”Read more at the Belfast Telegraph

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