Baker & McKenzie Stand on Racism & Discrimination

Baker & McKenzie Stand on Racism & Discrimination
Baker & McKenzie Stand on Racism & Discrimination

Powered by LawFuel – As leaders of our global Firm, we stand united with our US colleagues, especially our Black lawyers and business professionals, against racism and acts of violence, harassment, hatred and abuse.

We have seen many tragic events unfold, like the recent killing of Mr. George Floyd in the US, with a mix of shock, sadness and disbelief. As a Firm, we are not neutral. Our values of dignity, caring and respect are unyielding, and we must hold ourselves and each other accountable for living up to these values. That means we are not, and cannot be, silent when we see injustice.

We commit ourselves to calling out racism and working to end it. We will confront racial discrimination, injustice and stereotyping anywhere it exists around the world.

As individuals, while we know it can be hard to find the words, each of us must demonstrate our support and respect by reaching out to listen and to acknowledge the anguish that our Black colleagues are experiencing. In this way, we can truly bring our culture of friendship to life at a time when it is most needed.

In addition, every one of us across our Firm also has a powerful platform to effect positive change and combat racial injustice in our communities, including through our pro bono and volunteer work, our fundraising and financial contributions, and importantly, the example our behavior sets.

Executive Committee, Baker McKenzie

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