Bankside Chambers Flashy Makeover

Bankside Chambers Flashy Makeover 2
Bankside Chambers Flashy Makeover 3
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As large barrister chambers become like large law firms they occasionally need to provide office makeovers that project their power and prestige to the market they serve.

And so Bankside Chambers have provided, via social media, a glimpse of their new, muted and sophisticated tones – a very Mayfair-private-hotel look with star-of-Bethlehem lights to welcome the punters to the holy grail of Auckland law.

Bankside is home to no fewer than 45 barristers and/or mediators, eclipsing rival Shortland Chambers by 8 legal luminaries who, in Bankside’s case include include former judges and former Attorney General Chris Finlayson QC.

As barrister numbers have grown in New Zealand, so too have Chambers, including the two Auckland heavyweights. In 2020 there were over 1600 barristers in the country, comprising almost 12 per cent of all New Zealand-based lawyers.

COVID, a desire for work flexibility, money, circumstance and opportunity all play a role in increasing the barrister numbers in New Zealand and can only continue to do so.

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