Barrister Frank Deliu Firing Judicial Shots . . Again

Barrister Frank Deliu Firing Judicial Shots . . Again 2

Barrister Frank Deliu is back in the firing line – taking aim at his judicial targets with a volley of serious complaints made to the Judicial Conduct Authority, with which he already has well expressed concerns as well.

Deliu has been a controversially involved in previous fracas with the judiciary, having faced a $250,000 fine and 15 months suspension in 2017 after making accusations against Justice Rhys Harrison. On that occasion the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal imposed the penalties in respect of six charges of professional misconduct, two of unprofessional conduct and one of conduct unbecoming of a practitioner.

Currently he is complaining about Justices Brown, Gilbert and Courtney on the basis that they allegedly failed to “act transparently” and allegedly treated “justice as a game”.

And in a separate matter he has sought to take legal action against the Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Justice Jagose, following the JCC’s refusal to process a complaint he made.

Apart from taking legal action about the issues he has with the Court, he has also been seeking the  court of public opinion via emails to news outlets, including LawFuel, saying “Their (the Courts’) opaqueness thus leaves no option but to see if the media have any interest in reporting on such dark practices in New Zealand’s second-highest court of law.”


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