How To Become An Aviation Attorney

How To Become An Aviation Attorney 2

aviation-lawsuitAn aviation attorney is an attorney like no other. You have to be prepared to play for big money. Aviation involves some of the biggest lawsuits found in the United States. The reason why the majority of attorneys work for a few big companies is because the costs of losing are so high.
You can make millions from one case, but you can also lose millions from another case. The margin for error is much smaller than it is in other areas of law.
If you’re still sure you want to go into aviation law, here’s a quick guide for how you can do so.
Go to School
You have to attend an ABA law school. Ideally, you’ll have to get into a school in the top 10, or at least around the top 10. Competition is fierce in this industry and anything less will probably mean failure.
During your school life, you need to put everything into impressing people. Build bonds with professors and other students. Join various societies and clubs. You can demonstrate your skills by joining the debate team, for example. If you excel, this will be a significant advantage to you later.
You’ll have to start preparing for the bar exam straight after graduating from law school. Take as many preparatory courses as you can. Passing on the first attempt isn’t essential, but it can really help.
Your First Taste
Towards the end of law school you’ll start thinking about internships. At this point, you won’t have passed the bar. Use any contacts you’ve picked up to help you find an internship. This is often the hardest part of the process.

Make sure you focus on the fact you’re interested in aviation law in your application.
You’ll be working very long hours as an intern. Make sure you stand out by asking for extra work and always meeting deadlines. Stay away from any internal politics at this stage. Show respect to everyone and build up a reputation as a hard worker.
If you pass the bar exam, tell your law firm and ask if they would be willing to keep you on. This often depends on whether they have any spaces, so don’t get discouraged if they say no. If you have to look elsewhere, start sending out resumes immediately.
Finding the Right Firm for You
Start with the top. Take a look at the top 10 aviation law firms. Use legal directories and any contacts you have from law school or your internship. You can decide whether you’d rather be a representative for an insurance company or a plaintiff. The decision is entirely up to you and it’s based on personal preference.
In your resume, highlight your latest experience and ensure your passion for aviation law shows through. Any aviation experience you have will benefit you significantly. For example, you might have experience with flying a plane or fixing engines.
At every interview, wear a great suit and be courteous. Try to remain calm and focus on the big picture. It’s easy to sabotage yourself if you over-think this.
Assuming your interview was successful, congratulations because now you’re an aviation law attorney!

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