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September 20, 2010- You can now learn how to build a website using the best website builder provided by ChooseWhat. There is a category on the company’s website, which outlines the instructions on how to build a website. People can build websites using either of website builders – 1&1 website builder and Shopify eCommerce.

It’s absolutely not easy to build a website. It involves research, time, and patience. But now you can build a website fast and conveniently. People with no or little experience can also carry out this task easily. There are many site builders on the web, which guide you on how to create a website. But the guidance that they provide is either inadequate, or not up to the mark. But if you take the help of ChooseWhat, this task can seem simple and becomes quite easy enough.

This useful and comprehensive guide will instruct you step-by-step on how to extract the best services from online website builders. The site will also provide the “best practice tips” to develop a successful site. The guide explains in detail how to choose a site builder that is best for your product or service, how to build your site, and lastly how to promote your site.

Choosing the best website builder is not easy. The first step in determining which site builder will suit you the most will depend on the type of site you want to develop. ChooseWhat provides you two options.

The first is 1&1 website builder, which is useful if you want to build an information website. As the name suggests, an information website has details about your company. Information on your company’s name, background, contact details, products and services, pricing, among others is listed on the site. These site builders make developing sites entertaining and simple. Detailed content and corresponding images can be added to the site to make it more appealing. You can easily change the look and feel of a website and add a personal touch to the site using this website builder. This website builder has been tried and tested by ChooseWhat. The site builder 1&1 is simple to use and develops a professional looking site.

The 1&1 is the best website builder which costs $9.99 per month and provides a 30-day free trial. The site includes features like email addresses, hosting, pictures, video, information, and RSS feed. Another type of website builder is an eCommerce website which helps you sell and promote your products and service on the web. You can add products and manage orders using this site builder. Shopify offers ease of use and produces a professional looking site. The services start at $24 per month to sell 100 distinct products. The site also provides a 30-day free trial and includes services, such as built-in analytics, hosting, product inventory management; sells up to 100 distinct products; provides a secure checkout for your customers; and blogs.

ChooseWhat understands the difficulties that people face if they are novice in the field of building websites. The company has, therefore, hand-picked sites to help people to build their websites using the best website builder. The guide is simple to use even for people who are still learning the ropes of building sites. No jargon has been used, and you can create a site within some hours.

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