23 August – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – IOMA, Institute of Mana…

23 August – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – IOMA, Institute of Management and Administration, a major newsletter publisher and conference specialist, gave strong endorsement to the web log of LawBiz Management Co., www.lawbizblog.com.

In their electronic magazine, Law Firm Leadership e-Report of August 17, 2005, Lisa Isom-Rodriguez , Editor, said that www.lawbizblog.com was her favorite. This is her comment in the magazine:

“My Favorite BLOG
Okay, the headline isn’t exactly fair, since there are a number of amazing BLOGs out there designed to help law firm leaders in a variety of ways. So, consider this my favorite BLOG for the month: the LawBiz Blog from consultant Edward Poll. Check it out for a range of information on financial management, marketing, and more.”

Edward Poll said, “I am flattered and pleased that we received this recognition. This shows the power of blogging since I’ve had no previous connection with IOMA or with Ms. Isom-Rodriguez that would warrant their knowing about our web log. In fact, this issue was forwarded to me by someone else. Otherwise, I would never have seen it! And yet, this major publication believes that our blog is one of the best in the field!!

Poll also announced that his latest book, Selling Your Law Practice: The Profitable Exit Strategy, will be released next month. Poll continues to help lawyers understand that their law practices have value beyond their furniture and library, and how to determine that value. Poll’s latest book updates and substantially expands on his previously successful Tool Kit for Buying or Selling a Law Practice.

LawBiz Management Co. consults with and coaches lawyers and law firms throughout the United States, Mexico and England.

For more information, please go to http://www.lawbiz.com , http://www.lawbizblog.com or call 800/837-5880.

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