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23 November – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – R. Alexander Acosta, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Ken Jenne, Sheriff, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, and Brian Wimpling, Special Agent in Charge, Criminal Investigation Division, Internal Revenue Service announced today the filing of a three (3) count Indictment charging defendants, Joseph Roselli and Patrick Roselli, with racketeering and money laundering conspiracies, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1962(d) and 1956(h).

The Indictment charges that from May 2000 through May 2004, Joseph and Patrick Roselli operated and supervised a criminal enterprise which engaged in the illegal acquisition and distribution of millions of dollars of prescription AIDS medications (Serostim). The criminal enterprise was also involved in the fraudulent acquisition and sale of millions of dollars worth of cellular telephones, equipment and parts.

The Indictment charges that the Rosellis conducted the activities of the criminal enterprise from the premises of ACX Components Xchange/Allstate Electronic Recycling, Inc. (ACX/Allstate) located at 2020 NW 32nd St., Pompano Beach, Florida. ACX/Allstate was purportedly a distributor of used computer and electronic components.

In order to facilitate the activities of the criminal enterprise, false and fictitious pedigree papers were created which allegedly documented the pharmaceutical distributors involved in the sale of the AIDS medications. The coconspirators repackaged the AIDS medications and sold them in the wholesale pharmaceutical market. The defendants then laundered millions of dollars of proceeds from the unlawful operation through shell companies and through a check cashing store in West Orange, New Jersey.

The Rosellis and their coconspirators entered into contracts with Motorola and Nokia to destroy and recycle damaged, outdated and prototype cellular telephones, equipment and parts. The Rosellis directed coconspirators to unlawfully segregate functioning cell phone parts and equipment from the materials sent for destruction. The coconspirators altered videotapes to make it appear that the cell phones had in fact been destroyed. They created false certificates of destruction and provided them to the cell phone manufacturers. The Rosellis and their coconspirators then sold over 300,000 of the fraudulently obtained cellular telephones, equipment and parts to a cellular telephone distributor for millions of dollars.

The defendants face a maximum combined sentence of imprisonment of forty-five (45) years and fines of $1,000,000.

Mr. Acosta commended the investigative efforts of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the Internal Revenue Service. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Paul F. Schwartz and Jeffrey N. Kaplan.

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