45 Andrew Stockley

Auckland Law School Dean Professor Andrew Stockley has seen his school’s rankings climb in the last QS World University Rankings for 2019, which lifts his place in the Power List.

The school was listed at number 29, up from from 36th in 2017. Victoria University of Wellington has continued its climb upwards, in 38th position this year – up from 46th in 2017.

As we have noted previously in the List, he has ridden out the tough road in the ‘bums on seats’ row over a year ago that created discord within the faculty ranks.

He also took front-and-centre stage with a scathing letter written to fellow Power List member and Russell McVeagh chair Malcolm Crotty following that firm’s #Metoo nightmare and when the law schools together decided they were unable to accept the Factory’s scholarship money in a gesture that continues to this day.

Russell McVeagh have never been the only ones to fall foul of #Metoo issues, but their spotlighted role was sufficient to arouse a PR storm from the universities and others, lead by Dean Stockley.

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