48 Percent of Law Firms Surveyed Use Postini’s Services to Make Th…

48 Percent of Law Firms Surveyed Use Postini’s Services to Make Their Electronic Communications More Compliant, Secure, Productive and Reliable

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Oct. 17 LAWFUEL – Law News Network — Postini, the industry’s leading provider of on-demand Integrated Message Management services that make electronic communications like email, instant messaging and the web more compliant, productive, secure and reliable, announced it has again been rated the top choice for securing email communications by legal firms in the “11th Annual AmLaw Tech Survey.” The AmLaw survey revealed that 48 percent of firms surveyed responded that they were using Postini’s services to make their email more secure and productive. This marks Postini’s third consecutive year ranked as the top vendor in use by member law firms, and represents double the percentage of the next highest ranked solution.

“Postini is honored to once again be recognized by the legal community as their overwhelming choice for making email communications more secure and productive,” said Daniel Druker, executive vice president of marketing for Postini. “For the third straight year we have seen our share in the legal industry grow as we continue to be the world’s largest secure email network for protecting legal firms from the risks associated with the global exchange of sensitive client information via email. Jurisprudence, best practices, and the increase of federal and state privacy regulations are driving the need for firms and their attorneys to look to Postini to improve productivity and prevent sensitive communications from being compromised.”

Risks of accidental disclosure of confidential client information can cause irreparable damage to a law firm’s reputation. Global law firms, such as Holland & Knight LLP, not only turn to Postini for superior protection from spam and viruses, but also for the ability to secure email messages between the firm and other legal practices, courts, and even clients. Using Postini’s encryption solution firms can trust that no sensitive messages are ever sent in the clear over the Internet.

“We use Postini’s Encryption Manager service as a part of our overall integrated message management strategy to provide the option for an additional layer of security for our clients and attorneys,” said Ralph Barber, chief technology officer for Holland & Knight LLP, one of the largest law firms in the world. “We were already using Postini to protect our email communication from spam and viruses so when we decided to look for an encryption solution we turned to a trusted vendor who understood the encryption requirements of a law firm. We chose to take advantage of the additional security services that were offered by Postini to ensure our email communications not only remained as secure as possible but didn’t add any burden to our clients or the firm.”

Postini and Holland & Knight LLP will present on Wednesday, October 18 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, “Secure Email Communications: Best Practices for the Legal Industry,” an interactive webinar discussion to explore best practices for private, secure email communications with trusted partners and clients. For more information or to register for the webinar please go to: www.postini.com/secure_email

About Postini

Postini is the global leader in Integrated Message Management, providing compliance, security, availability, and visibility solutions for corporate email, instant messaging and web. Postini offers a complete suite of on-demand services including archiving, spam and virus blocking, content control, encryption, and business continuity. The company’s powerful managed services infrastructure seamlessly integrates with customers’ environment, providing uncompromising security for more companies than any other provider in the world. Postini’s services protect organizations from a wide range of threats, reduce compliance and legal risks, ensure reliable communications, and enable the intelligent management and enforcement of enterprise policies that protect companies’ intellectual property, reputations and business relationships. For more information please contact Postini at [email protected] or visit http://www.postini.com .

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