5 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021

The quest for office efficiency lawyers – or anyone – is always top-of-mind for fee earners, but we’ve looked at five of the best for lawyers working both at the office and at home.

1. The Echo Spot ‘Alarm Clock’ (That’s Much, Much More)

Our number one pick is the Echo Spot – which is a smart alarm clock that provides the key features available on Amazon’s Echo Show, coming in a smart, round pack with clock faces that can be customized.

5 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 35 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 4

The Echo Spot includes Alexa and can control smart home devices but is both smaller and less dominating that Show, but packed with features we think can help make your office or home-office work more efficient. And it comes at half the price of Show, too.

But the item we picked as our favorite was the one thing that promised to start our day off on the right note. Our Best Overall Productivity Product is the Echo Spot from Amazon.

Taking the Alarm Clock further than any alarm clock has ventured before we have a product that will waken you with alarm, music, radio or video content while an instruction to Alexa will get the coffee going, fetch the traffic news and your calendar.

A smart home will respond even moreso with its multiple smart functionality linking to any of the features you require ‘hit’ before you hit the shower.

2. Window-Mounted Portable Desk

5 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 55 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 6

The portable nature of lawyers’ work these days means the ‘take your desk with you’ actually sometimes means you actually need more than the kitchen or cafe table. This product lets you stick the desk to any glass surface, be it an office window at a client’s workplace or anywhere else. Any non-porous surface will do the job in less than 10 seconds.

The 24 inch wide Deskview has top-specced aircraft grade aluminium brackets and strong suction cups that can hold up to 40 lbs.

But wait – there’s more!

Standing at desks has proven health benefits, including back and hips benefits, easing eye strain, boosting your concentration and reducing strain generally.

We love this product.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

5 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 75 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 8

Working from home can involve noise, to say the least. And while there are those who loathe noise-cancelling headsets there are some magnificent sets available with great ergonomics, top venting and comfortable ear cushions.

There are other advantages too like adaptive noise cancelling functionality that will block the external noise and long battery life, which may be up to 22 hours. For short-term charges (like 10 minutes) there can be another three hours’ play time.

4. Portable Scanner

5 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 95 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 10

Getting a smart, simple scanner that is mobile and doesn’t require a computer can be a top efficiency aid for the busy lawyer, permitting documents, pictures and a full color page that will scan in as little as 8 seconds.

You can also save scans or forward them via a smart scanner like Doxie, which is about the same size as a rolled up copy of a magazine, including an SD car that will permit scanning up to 400 pages for each charge and storage of up to 4000 pages prior to syncing files.

5. Monitor Stand

5 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 115 Top Products For Law Office Efficiency in 2021 12

Decluttering work space is a major efficiency-gainer for anyone working in a confined workspace or not. Take the Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand for instance, which provides the key space you need with its front-facing ports that will keep the troublesome wires neatly away.

Also, with four USB 3.0 ports and also with headphone and microphone extension ports you can also get your phone charged, download from the thumb drive provided and keep your workplace uncluttered and efficient.

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