60 Minutes With Ron Paul

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – The FreeMarketNewsNetwork report that Ron Paul is set to be filmed for a 60 Minutes profile by CBS.

Media has exploded for Ron Paul since his breakthrough debate with Mike Huckabee over the war in Iraq. Ron Paul, a pro-free market, anti-foreign war candidate has found his niche deriding the formal conservatism of “right wing” Republicans who are nationalist, populist and pro- big government.

Also, as FMNN has already reported, CNN remains in negotations for a Ron Paul (R-Tex) debate with Mike Huckabee and negotiations over the candidate’s appearance on O’Reilly tonight appear to have been worked out, as Ron Paul’s own website announced this morning. O’Reilly’s site carries the following: “Showdown Over Iraq: Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul goes head-to-head with Bill.” Stay tuned.

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