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7 November – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Lucire and Magazine Publishers of America support literacy initiative: first-ever programme delivers childrens magazine gifts from consumers to needy kids in schools, homeless and domestic violence shelters in the US

Princeton, New Jersey, November 6 (JY&A Media) Lucire, the New Zealand-owned international fashion magazine, is supporting the Magazine Publishers’ Family Literacy Project in the United States, which aims to get magazines to schools and community literacy programmes there. The Projects latest venture sees kids magazines being flown to natural-disaster-stricken areas in the US.
We are delighted to help John Mennell and the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project, said Jack Yan, CEO and publisher of Lucire. Literacy is not only important from our commercial viewpoint, but because it provides opportunities for people to be all they can be. Circumstances not of their own choosing should never prevent children from reaching their potential.
Humpty Dumpty, the beloved Childrens Better Health Institute mascot, last week piloted the first-ever Kids Magazine Airlift off the ground to deliver magazines to teachers and other community literacy agents to help children in need. The mobilization, in partnership with the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project, aspires to marshal vast resources to rebuild childrens lives by filling the magazine shelves of schools, libraries, homeless and domestic violence shelters, and other community literacy programmes. The take-off coincides with this years celebration of Childrens Magazine Month.
The Kids Magazine Airlift works like a holiday food drive at a grocery store, but feeds kids hungry to read, explained John Mennell, founding director of the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project. Consumers shopping for magazines at the CBHI web site (cbhikids.org/airlift/) for their own children can also purchase a gift that will be sent to a school or shelter to help other children. The Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project matches the much-needed gift subscriptions to schools, shelters and other community literacy programs that serve children and families in need, he added.
In their wake, hurricanes have left over 200,000 children homeless and on the move to new schools. There will be other natural disasters. Over 1,000,000 kids spend time in a homeless or domestic violence shelter at some point during the year, arriving with no possessions, said Mennell.
Few treasures brighten a childs eyes, smile and intellect like a magazine. The Highlights for Children web site makes it easy for consumers and businesses to send their wonderful magazine to literacy agents for kids in need, he added.
We are pleased that this programme has taken off the runway during Childrens Magazine Month and in time to reach children and families in time for the holidays, said Charlene Gaynor, Executive Director of the Association of Educational Publishers. We celebrate Childrens Magazine Month to spotlight the wonderful role that childrens magazines play in schools and for generations of families reading together, she added.
We salute the Kids’ Magazine Airlift, said Nina Link, President and CEO, Magazine Publishers of America. Childrens magazines represent one of Americas most powerful and vital reading resources for teachers and other community literacy leaders.

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About the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project
The Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project (MagazineLiteracy.org) helps kids learn to read and build their self-esteem by organizing collaborative magazine industry, business and community partnerships that provide much needed magazines to schools, and community literacy programmes. The project strives to unleash the awesome potential of childrens magazines as a powerful literacy resource for kids and families.

About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine (www.lucire.com), started on the web in 1997. In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it had launched in two countries, becoming the first web magazine to spawn two print editions. A US print edition was announced in August 2005. Lucire became the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, www.unep.org).

About the Childrens Better Health Institute
The Childrens Better Health Institute (www.cbhi.org) is the largest publisher of childrens health magazines in the US, with combined circulation of over 1.2 million for Turtle, Humpty Dumptys, Childrens Playmate, US Kids, Jack and Jill, Child Life, and Childrens Digest.

About the Association of Educational Publishers
Founded in 1895, the Association of Educational Publishers (www.edpress.org) promotes supplemental educational resources as essential learning tools. AEP does this by facilitating communication among key interest groups in the world of educational publishing, such as educators, policy-makers, educational foundations and associations, businesses, and the education media.

About the Magazine Publishers of America
Established in 1919, the Magazine Publishers of America (www.magazine.org) is the industry association for consumer magazines, representing more than 240 domestic publishing companies with approximately 1,400 titles, and over 80 international companies.

About Childrens Magazine Month
Childrens Magazine Month (childmagmonth.org) is a nationwide literacy initiative intended to spotlight childrens magazines as a valuable literacy resource for teachers, librarians, children, parents, and others literacy agents. Childrens Magazine Month was founded by the Association of Educational Publishers in 2002 and is co-managed with the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project.

Notes to editors
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John Mennell, Founding Director
Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project
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