A new form of co-operation among law firms is starting in Rome, effect…

A new form of co-operation among law firms is starting in Rome, effective from this month of October.

The law firms Vita Samory, Fabbrini e Associati and Villata, Degli Esposti e Associati, the latter specialising in administrative law, have decided to go further along the path of their long established co-operation both in Milan and in Rome, and to extend their arrangement to include Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati, a Turin based law firm.

These three prestigious Italian firms have established their joint offices in Rome, at Via Bissolati 76.

There will be no merger or association among the three firms. Each firm will maintain its independence, specialization and the shared quality of providing highly customized services. Thanks to the so-called “best friendship” relationship, which is quite unusual in Italy, but that the three firms have already successfully tested in assisting some clients in complex corporate matters, the three firms may offer their clients the advantage of full interaction, thus developing synergies which are typical of large law firms.

This arrangement will enable the three law firms to have more than 90 lawyers available, specialising in every area of the legal business, who can operate more swiftly than other professional organizations.

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