A new national poll released today by the Sacred Heart University Po…

A new national poll released today by the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute indicates a majority of Americans are not in favor of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex

While 41.8% favor a U.S. Constitutional ban on same-sex marriages
as proposed by President Bush, 47.1% are opposed to such an amendment.
However, 49.0% report being very concerned about same-sex marriages becoming
legal. Another, 10.7% were not concerned. In a related result, almost two-
thirds of respondents, 62.3%, suggest that a Presidential candidate’s stand on
same-sex marriage will be a strong, or somewhat strong factor, in their voting
decision this November.

The SHU poll also probed whether respondents planned to see Mel Gibson’s
just-released movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” Nearly two-thirds, 61.8%,
said they are planning to see the controversial film.

Among other key poll findings in the broad-ranging poll: decided “likely”
voters, by a slim margin, would support U.S. Senator John Kerry over President
George Bush 47.7% to 46.7%. Another 5.6% said they would support Independent
candidate Ralph Nader. While Kerry leads Bush in a tight race among “likely”
voters, Bush appears to win in five of five preference match-ups with Kerry.
Of those surveyed, 43.9% would prefer to go to a baseball game with Bush;
24.8% preferred Kerry. Bush is also preferred over Kerry for “protecting your
kids or other kids” (38.8% to 29.0%), as a neighbor (36.4% to 27.1%), reacting
to another terrorist attack on the U.S. (44.8% to 31.0%), and as someone to
share a cup of coffee with (40.9% to 26.6%). As of late February 2004, the
poll reports President Bush’s favorable rating was 53.2% — down from 58.4%
recorded in October 2003, and 77.9% in April 2003.

And even though 70.6% of the poll respondents said they were very or
somewhat aware of Senator Kerry and his position on issues, only 49.1% could
identify the state he represents (Massachusetts).

In a comment on the poll results, Jerry Lindsley, Director of the Sacred
Heart University Polling Institute, said, “With only 16.9% of those surveyed
saying they are very aware of Senator Kerry and his stand on issues, the way
he defines himself, or how he is defined, will likely determine this election.
This survey suggests people see Bush as a likeable guy. Can Kerry accomplish
the same? ”

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