A New Release of V.34 Fax Modem Software

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) has announced a new release of its V.34 fax modem software , which provides adaptive signalling through line probing by adjusting to channel quality and capacity. It is the standard for fax modems of up to 33,600bps.
This high performance V.34 fax modem software operates over twisted pair, point-to-point circuits and on dial-up or leased circuits. One of the most significant characters of the software is its use of increased bit rates to utilize maximum bandwidth permitted by the channel. Unlike lower speed modem standards where nominal bandwidth was set using a fixed carrier frequency, both the bandwidth and carrier frequencies are adaptive in V.34. The V.34 fax modem supports data signalling rates from 2.4kbps to 33.6kbps. It incorporates a higher level of optional capabilities, intelligence, and adaptability than the lower speed V.series modems to make the best use of available conditions. Trellis coding and shell mapping provide this modem with a robust design for heavily impaired channels.
About GAO Research Inc.
GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) is a recognized international leading provider of communications software to telecom and electronics companies and provides the most comprehensive and unique suite of modem, fax, telephony, speech software, VoIP, FoIP, fax relay and fax/modem/voice relay software for embedded applications for DSP and microprocessors.

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