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A New Way Of Getting Law Business – The VIP Program

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New York Business Law Group has launched legal services for local businesses in New York.

A new law firm in New York has taken a unique method of attracting clients. New York Business Law Group offers a “VIP program” to their clients. This program offers legal services to local businesses and corporations at a fixed, low monthly rate.

New York Business law Group works with licensing professionals, business attorneys, technology professionals and patent agents to ensure their clients get premier quality legal services to meet all business legal needs. They are well known for their dedication ensuring their client’s business needs are fulfilled and the identified goals are met.
Below are services provided by New York Business Law Group: a) Business training b) Business law protection for start ups c) Business transactions both internally and externally d) Consulting services and risk management e) Business disagreements f) Policy assessments g) Contract reviews h) Employments concerns

These services are offered to their “VIPs”. By providing a VIP program to New York businesses, they are able to keep their services fixed at a low cost of only $300/month. The sign up page detailing full service availability and pricing can be found here:

VIPs of the group enjoy: i. Properly accomplishing all the legal aspects of organization ii. Growing their business iii. Access to extensive knowledge, experience, and vision on law, technology, and business processes. iv. Minimization of legal risks v. Accurate preparation of documents for the contracts, loans, and patent rights.

By registering as a VIP, the company also gets access to qualified and registered superior business lawyer who handles all the aforementioned concerns. The business also get the right to access the unique NDAMaker which creates customized non-disclosure agreements which allows the company and it team to communicate with other businesses on their products, without losing their intellectual property rights.

Those interested in contacting in talking to the senior attorney of New York Business Law Group can do so here:

For more information about us, please visit

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