A Rental Houseboat In Paris Is A Whole New World To Explore

One of the major rivers in France, the river Seine is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Paris. It rises from eastern France near the Swiss Alps, and ends in the English Channel after flowing through the grand city of Paris. When Paris was initially established by the Parisii tribe as a fishing village, the waters of Seine offered them food supply. Today Seine waters are known for their majestic beauty and the immense historical treasures along the banks. Cruising Seine waters on location bateau Paris looks like a majestic piece of art right out of a great painting.

Dating back to the days of the Romans, Paris thrived through river trading. Canals were built to connect Seine with other major rivers like River Loire and River Rhine. The locks which controlled the frequently varying water flow were installed in the eighteen hundreds. The river cuts the beautiful city of Paris in a half, making it possible for tourists to see the world famous monuments of Paris from their cruise. The banks of Seine house numerous must watch monuments. These include Notre Dame, The Louvre and Eiffel Tower to name few. Tourists cruising down the river also get to see the many bridges; thirty seven in all that are built on the river within Paris, while there are many more spanning on the river outside of the city. The oldest of these bridges, called Pont-Neuf was built in 1578 by King Henri III. While the most recent was built in 1996, primarily to accommodate traffic expected due to the new football stadium built for the FIFA world cup.

In barge rental Paris and rental houseboat in Paris can frequently be seen cruising through the river. Although it is mainly a tourist attraction, yet natives also enjoy the adventurous activity. On location peniche Paris is an experience that mesmerizes you beyond words. There are different types of cruises available to choose from. From a one-hour tour of Seine to a half day journey where a pleasant lunch is offered to a day long cruise with a lovely French meal for dinner, there is a variety of choices available. However, with a rental houseboat in Paris is a whole new world to explore. The illuminated skyline of the city as seen from the river looks like a view from heaven.

Sightseeing cruises started flourishing in Paris after the World War II. Back during those days these cruises used to happen through original longboats, which were converted into boats for tourists. They were called bateaux-mouches. Those boats are still used by some operators but the name bateaux-mouches is now used for a tour of Paris via river Seine.

If you are looking for a really relaxing way to spend your vacation, you should go on a mini tourist cruise on the river Seine around Paris. This offers a great way to see the historical side of the city in great detail. However, do make sure that you choose the best cruising option that also suites your finances. For more visit http://www.bateaux-privatises-paris.com/

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