After a 23-year career in law enforcement and another four years as …

After a 23-year career in law enforcement and another four years as a Special Agent/Forensic Examiner and Internet investigator with the High Tech Crime Unit of the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, electronic evidence analysis expert Ives R. Potrafka is leaving the public sector. White-collar criminals beware, though: Potrafka isn’t exactly retiring. Instead, the
Certified Forensics Computer Examiner (CFCE) has agreed to
join Center for Computer Forensics ( as the company’s Senior
Forensics Examiner.

In addition to his new position with Center for Computer Forensics, Potrafka serves as Vice President of the Michigan Chapter of High Tech Crime Investigation Association; he is also a Trustee for the Great Lakes Chapter of Information Systems Forensics Association and is a Secure Member of InfraGard, a partnership between the U.S. government and private industry focused on increasing the security of the nation’s critical infrastructures. His training includes National White Collar Crime Center, Internal Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) – Certified Forensics Computer Examiner; the FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART); A+ Computer Certification; Advanced Encase Training; and Information Systems Forensic Association (ISFA) Certified Information Forensics Investigator.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Mr. Potrafka to Center
for Computer Forensics,” said president Patrick Ahern. “His depth of experience and extensive training in computer forensics and law enforcement are rarely matched in this industry, and I am confident he will offer our clients unique insight into their cases.”

Since its start in 1987, Center for Computer Forensics, a
Data Recovery Group ( company, has capitalized on its knowledge of hard drive architecture and familiarity with operating systems to provide litigation support and electronic evidence gathering services for over 6,000 corporations and law firms across the country. The company also assists attorneys with pre-trial discovery efforts.

“Electronic data discovery and e-discovery are often
deciding factors in a criminal or civil action,” Ahern explained. “Cases involving trade secrets, commercial disputes, employment discrimination, misdemeanor and felony crimes, and personal injury can be won or lost solely with the introduction of recovered e-mail messages and other electronic files and records. If an attempt has been made to delete, erase, or otherwise hide critical electronic evidence, the client needs an experienced, competent, highly ethical data recovery professional to lead the search and retrieve the missing information. Ives Potrafka is one such professional, and we look forward to having him on the Center for Computer Forensics team.”

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