Age Of Conan Accounts Demystified

Kids today are so caught up in their busy lives, that they have rarely got time to venture outdoors and view the beauty of nature. The main culprits for this are the online MMOs which are in vogue today. Initially these games were released in their compact disc versions and they became very sought after. Looking at their popularity in their compact disc version, the maker of the game, age of conan account, Robert Howard, introduced its pc version to play on any windows pc. Also on the cards is its Xbox 360 version. The Age of Conan account is an MMO based in the world of Hyboria, which is a very barbaric and harsh world, full of friends and foes of King Conan.

The game is a journey through the brutal world of Hyboria and on the way we get to know the exploits of King Conan and the saga of his journey from a petty thief to King Conan of Hyboria. In this MMO it is possible to fight the friends and foes of King Conan and also fight other guilds for the control of valuable resources, craft powerful rare items and adventure with thousands of other players simultaneously. For academic knowledge Age of Conan account has been co-published by Funcom and Eidos. Eidos is well known for his Tomb Raider and Hitman series, while Funcom is having extensive experience in the MMO industry, including their major title Anarchy Online. For more information on the history of Conan, the author Robert Howard created the character of conan and the world of Hyboria in the year 1930 and it takes us through the barbarian tales of the mighty King Conan and his world. The stories about the world where conan travels from being a petty thief to the mighty King Conan in the form of world of warcraft accounts, and fights his foes and unites with his friends to control the resources of the universe and protect the universe from the devious games of the evil forces.

Over the 70 years lifetime of Conan, there have been books, comics, movies and compact discs which chronicle the exploits of King Conan through his age of conan accounts. You will be surprised to know that this series is so popular that even today, there are over 45 companies who are working on the universe and writers including L. Sprague De Camp, Harry Turtledove, and Robert Jordan have been writers in Howard’s world. When the author created the game, one of his prime motives was to take the online game in a completely different direction where no other online game has ventured before. Funcom focused on taking the best attributes from the past games and current MMO games while creating innovative and fun systems for age of conan accounts. Playing age of conan account should feel fresh, fun and exciting.

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