American Arbitration Association Revises Mediation Procedures

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Revisions Eliminate Mediation Filing Fee and Launch Mediator Profile Search Services

NEW YORK, September 04, 2007 — The American Arbitration Association (AAA), the world’s leading provider of conflict management and dispute resolution services, recently undertook a review of its Mediation Procedures in response to the current mediation practices that have developed in recent years.

The AAA undertakes reviews of such procedures and rules on a periodic basis, in an effort to continually refine processes that are more convenient for customers and to foster the prompt and effective resolution of disputes. Amendments and revisions to the procedures, including the new pricing model for the AAA’s mediation services, became effective September 1, 2007. Highlights of these revisions include:

Cost of the Mediation
The AAA has put a new pricing model in place that is more cost-effective for customers. Under the new pricing there will no longer be a filing fee to initiate a mediation or a fee to request the AAA to invite parties to mediate. The cost of mediation is based solely on the hourly mediation rate of a mediator, which is clearly listed on the mediator’s AAA profile. The hourly rate covers both mediator compensation and an allocated portion for the AAA’s services.

Appointment of the Mediator
The AAA has launched a more user-friendly method for mediator selection with the posting of comprehensive, online, profiles of AAA mediators. AAA customers may go to to view the Mediator Profile Search Services. From this site, customers may view each mediator’s background, expertise, and hourly mediation rate.

To further streamline the mediation process, if parties have not agreed to the appointment of a mediator and have not provided any other method of appointment, the AAA will send to each party a list of mediators from the AAA’s Panel of Mediators

Mediator’s Impartiality and Duty to Disclose
The AAA has put in place stronger requirements for the ethical conduct of mediators. AAA mediators are required to abide by the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators in effect at the time a mediator is appointed to a case. Should there be a conflict between the Model Standards and any provision of the AAA Mediation Procedures, the AAA Mediation Procedures shall govern.

To view a summary of changes to the Mediation Procedures please visit

About the American Arbitration Association
The global leader in conflict management since 1926, the American Arbitration Association is a not-for-profit, public service organization committed to the resolution of disputes through the use of arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, democratic elections and other voluntary procedures. In 2006, more than 137,000 cases were filed with the Association in a full range of matters including commercial, construction, labor, employment, insurance, international and claims program disputes. Through 29 offices in the United States, Ireland and Mexico, the AAA provides a forum for the hearing of disputes, rules and procedures and a roster of impartial experts to resolve cases. Find more information online at

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