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profile encompasses global company strategy, portfolio and pipeline analysis and assessment of financial performance, with 1-6 year sales forecasts for key drugs. An interactive forecasting and analysis tool provides continually updated quantitative and qualitative information.

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• Benchmark Amgen’s performance against key rivals in the prescription pharmaceutical sector
• Assess how Amgen’s commercial performance out to 2014 will be impacted by the safety concerns relating to the ESA product class
• Analyze Amgen’s diversification strategy which will be heavily reliant on the launch of the cross-therapy area monoclonal antibody Prolia
• About the PharmaVitae team 2
• Chapter 1 About this profile 3
• PharmaVitae Explorer database 3
Chapter structure 3
Executive summary 3
Quarterly news update 3
Company introduction 3
Company sales 4
Company financials 4
Key products and competitors 4
Data sourcing 4
Sales data 4
Analyst consensus 4
• Chapter 2 Executive summary 5
• Key findings 5
Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate performance, 2002-14 6
Financial performance, 2002-14 7
Amgen: PharmaVitae forecasts at a glance 8
Strategic insight 9
Amgen’s impressive historical performance driven by blockbuster franchises, with lifecycle management underpinning the companies success 9
Early product development sets the scene 9
Product lifecycle management boost sales growth 10
Acquisitions a further driver 10
Overall revenue growth propels Amgen to the forefront of biotechnology, placing the company in Big Pharma territory 10
2007: Key franchise hit by damaging clinical trial data – Aranesp sales decline significantly from 2006-08 11
Amgen cost cutting 11
Cost cutting will improve profitability as key franchises lose sales momentum 11
Prolia: returning Amgen to growth 13
Tapping into the high growth mAb market 13
Amgen, an emerging mAb force 15
SWOT analysis 16
Strengths 16
Weaknesses 17
Opportunities 18
Threats 19
Table of Contents 21
Table of figures 23
• Chapter 3 Quarterly news update 24
• Product developments 24
Deals and alliances 25
Product deals 25
Technology deals 25
M&A activity 26
Company announcements 26
Future product milestones 27
• Chapter 4 Company introduction 29
• Key findings 29
Background 30
Key corporate developments 30
M&A history 32
Abgenix acquisition 33
Alantos & Ilypsa 33
Current corporate structure 34
Pharmaceuticals 34
• Chapter 5 Company sales 35
• Key findings 35
Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate analysis, 2002-14 36
Product analysis 38
Product analysis, 2002-08 39
Product analysis, 2008-14 42
Therapy area analysis 45
Geographic analysis 48
Launch/core/expiry analysis 51
Explanation of launch/core/expiry analysis 51
Launch analysis, 2008-14 52
Core analysis, 2008-14 53
Expiry analysis, 2008-14 55
Launch/core/expiry configuration, 2008-14 56
Molecule type analysis 58
Externalization analysis 61
• Chapter 6 Company financials 64
• Key findings 64
Reconciliation between PharmaVitae-formatted prescription pharma sales and company-reported total sales, 2002-08 65
Operating costs and profit analysis 66
Operating costs and profit analysis, 2002-08 67
Operating cost ratio and profit margin analysis, 2002-08 69
Operating cost ratio and profit margin analysis, 2008-14 70
Operating costs and profit analysis, 2008-14 71
• Chapter 7 Key products and competitors 72
• Key findings 72
Overview 73
Immunology & inflammation 74
Enbrel 74
Overview 75
Sales forecast 76
Gold standard in rheumatoid arthritis – successful indication broadening the growth driver 76
Increasing competition from Humira set to restrict Enbrel sales growth 77
Oncology 79
Neulasta 79
Overview 80
Sales forecast 81
Lifecycle management strategy: Neulasta the gold standard 81
Biosimilars to threaten Neupogen and in doing so, impact Neulasta in Europe 81
Oncology & hematology 83
Aranesp 83
Overview 83
Sales forecast 84
Marketed for both chronic kidney disease (CKD) related anemia and chemotherapy related anemia 85
Safety fears of ESAs will impact Amgen’s key franchise 85
Lower rate of sales decline within hematology will offset oncology decline to some extent 85
Increasing competitive threat from ex-US markets 86
Epogen 87
Overview 87
Sales forecast 88
First to market 88
Main use in CKD-related anemia 89
Epogen off-label use in oncology a significant portion of revenues 89
General downtrend due to safety fears and expected increasing focus on Aranesp 89
Oncology & musculoskeletal 90
Prolia 90
Overview 91
Sales forecast 92
Prolia (musculoskeletal) 92
First-in-class therapy 93
Not oral, but convenient dosing all the same 93
Strong clinical trial data, issues regarding safety 93
Initially positioned as a second-line therapy 94
Amgen faces challenges to entry into the musculoskeletal market 94
Amgen has to develop a suitable sales force to penetrate the market effectively 94
Prolia (oncology) 95
Significant opportunity in oncology- targeting Zometa’s market 95
Amgen initially seeking approval for treatment of bone loss in patients receiving hormone ablation chemotherpay 95
Biggest sales potential lies within the treatment and prevention of bone metastasis 96
Amgen announces positive late-stage bone metastases data 96
• Chapter 8 Appendix 97
• R&D pipeline 97
References 99
Datamonitor reports 99
Abbreviations 99
About Datamonitor 101
About Datamonitor Healthcare 101
Datamonitor consulting 102
Disclaimer 104

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It has been the biggest — and perhaps murkiest — legal story of the last two weeks: At least four major lenders have halted foreclosures, citing the need to review whether their mortgage documentation is in order and in compliance with court rules in the 23 states that require court approval before a foreclosure can take place.

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