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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Aug. 16 LAWFUEL – Law News Network — Paradigm, a leading software and strategic consulting provider to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, and Techsia announce the settlement of their copyright infringement and unfair competition suit.

Paradigm had sued Techsia in federal court in Houston, Texas and
alleged that Techsia had copied unspecified code from Paradigm’s Geolog(R) product that it bought from Paradigm. Techsia and Paradigm announce that they have settled the case.

Paradigm expresses its satisfaction with the settlement that reflects
Paradigm’s commitment to protecting its innovative technical solutions to
the oil and gas industry.

About Paradigm
Paradigm(TM) offers digital subsurface models of oil and natural gas
reservoirs to identify prospects for oil and gas wells and optimize
reservoir fluid and natural gas extraction by integrating geological,
geophysical, and petrophysical data. Paradigm software solutions include
Seismic Data Processing and Imaging, Prospect Visualization and
Interpretation, Reservoir Characterization, Well Planning, and Drilling.
You can learn more about Paradigm software and strategic consulting
offerings by visiting their website at .
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Geotechnology B.V. or any of its affiliates (collectively, “Paradigm”):
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referenced herein. All other trademarks are owned by their respective
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result from legal or regulatory proceedings or other factors that affect
the timing or ability to complete the transactions contemplated herein,
actions taken by either of the companies, including restructuring or
strategic initiatives (including capital investments or asset acquisitions
or dispositions), as well as from developments beyond the companies’
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