APlusA.org.uk Operatives Are Now Ready To Deal With Any Form of English

Did you know that there are over thirty different forms of English? It is hard to imagine that there can be so many variations on one language, but there are. This can present a problem for a support operative who deals with customers from all over the world. At APlusA.org.uk we do not want to misunderstand any of our customers so we had our operatives finish a course on the various dialects of English. The aim of this training is to make our support staff more professional when dealing in various forms of English, especially those originating from the former British colonies such as India and South Africa. APlusA.org.uk operatives our now better able to assist customers who speak with accents that may have been misinterpreted in the past; we have every confidence that this training will benefit both our support operatives and our customers.
The APlusA.org.uk support operatives talk to customer’s from all over the world on a daily basis and sometimes a customer will call who speaks English but not American or British English. In order to avoid absolutely any type of language barrier or confusion we set up a training course for our operatives. This course discussed the idiosyncrasies of various forms of English. We were surprised to find there were so many forms of English when we set up this course, but a few simple rules make each dialect easier to understand. With this training our support operatives will have no future problems understanding any customer.
To learn more about this training course and to receive more information on the services and events of the company go to http://aplusa.org.uk website or contact the customer care service.
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