Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Frequency Counter

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( recommends its arbitrary waveform generator and frequency counter which is commonly used in most electronic labs. It directly reads the waveform data files produced by Tektronix oscilloscopes or Tektronix waveform editor software and displays the waveform. The waveform generator uses DDS technology so that it has advantages of high frequency accuracy, high waveform resolution, high reliability and wide software support.
This affordable USB waveform generator and frequency counter, model A0200002, features one channel of arbitrary waveform output, 8 bit output, synchronized signal output and two input channels for counter/frequency measurement, 8 bit input and external trigger input. Users can arbitrarily edit the waveform using a mouse, set parameters such as amplitude, frequency and offset and can also choose regular waveforms including Sine, Square, Triangle, Saw-tooth, TTL, white Noise, Gauss Noise, Trapezoid, Exponent, AM and FM. The generator is shipped with both SDK and API and can be easily integrated or embedded into other auto-measuring systems. The PC transfers the waveform data into the memory of the signal generator via USB bus; the ID counter cycles and sends the period waveform data to the DAC circuits. Its DDS circuit produces the corresponding DAC refreshing clock.
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