Are Blackberries Good For You? Workaholic Lawyers And Others May Need To Rethink Them – Legal Jobs NZ – The addiction to the ubiquitous Blackberry portable device has been something that lawyers and others have fallen in love with since – well, since the Blackberry rolled off its production line. But are they really good for you?

The Australian government has been recently reported as voicing concerns about the negative impact that Blackberries have upon their work-life balance – a major issue for today’s employers.

Objections include the ease with which executive staff can be contacted after hours, rather than through the use of mobile phones. It isn’t the first time mobile devices have been at the center of workplace debate with a survey released earlier this year showing one-third of respondents believe a mobile device can increase workloads. Released by the Solutions Research Group, the survey was undertaken by users of BlackBerries, Palm Treos and other PDAs and smart phones.

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