Arrangement Improves Digital Forensics Services and Information Secu…

Arrangement Improves Digital Forensics Services and Information Security for Clients Worldwide

NEW YORK & MILAN, Italy- LAWFUEL – Legal News, Legal Jobs Network –Stroz Friedberg, LLC, a national consulting and technical services firm specializing in digital forensics, electronic discovery, cyber-crime response, and investigations announced today that it has forged a relationship with one of Europe’s premier digital forensics firms, DFLabs. This arrangement improves the services both firms provide to their clients internationally, which employ the industry’s leading digital forensic examiners and investigators.

“We continue to experience strong growth in the demand for our services, including on-site data preservation and forensic analysis,” said Ed Stroz, Managing Partner for Stroz Friedberg, LLC. “By collaborating with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable forensics firms in Europe, together we will be able to provide our clients with unparalleled service and expertise around the globe.”

While the firms will continue to operate as independent entities, their strategic relationship will allow their resources to be leveraged in those engagements where it will serve their clients. The first phase of the relationship is underway and Stroz Friedberg and DFLabs are working together on the exchange of expertise so as to ensure that their forensic methodologies, chain-of-custody protocols, and other legal/technical practices are aligned. The goal is to guarantee their clients that, regardless of where litigation is conducted, the professional services and reports will withstand scrutiny from opposing experts, legal counsel, judicial officials, and qualify as valuable evidence.

“We are excited about the future of this new relationship,” said Dario Forte, President and Founder of DFLabs, a company that in less than 5 years has managed several complex international cases. “Because of Stroz Friedberg’s highly regarded pool of talent and reputation, our firm is now even better equipped to serve our clients in matters involving digital forensics, e-discovery, and internal corporate inquiries throughout the United States.”

In addition, Stroz Friedberg and DFLabs plan to conduct an on-going “exchange program” whereby digital forensic examiners from DFLabs will collaborate and train with the staff at Stroz Friedberg and vice versa. The firms also plan to enhance their internal proprietary training sessions to ensure that every examiner stays abreast of the newest forensic techniques and technology. Moving forward, the firms intend to collaborate on white papers and articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

“While each of Stroz Friedberg’s offices – in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis – contains a fully-staffed and fully-equipped forensic laboratory, the firm will now be aligned formally with the experts at DFLabs and its top-tier talent,” said Stroz.

“Working with Stroz Friedberg’s team will give us a great opportunity to work with one of the most respected highly-specialized consulting firms,” stated Forte. “Our commitment is to guarantee top quality service for our global customer base; this strategic relationship will further improve customer satisfaction.”

About Stroz Friedberg, LLC

Founded in 2000, Stroz Friedberg, LLC is a consulting and technical services firm specializing in: digital forensics, cyber-crime response, private investigations, and the preservation, analysis, and production of electronic data from single hard drives to complex corporate networks. The firm also provides technical assistance, strategic advice, and serves as a liaison with law enforcement in response to and for the prevention of computer crime and abuse. The firm incorporates technology, law and a unique understanding of behavioral science in its consulting and technical service practice for civil litigation, criminal and regulatory matters, and internal corporate investigations. Stroz Friedberg is headquartered in New York and also has offices in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Additional information about the company is available at and

About DFLabs

Founded in 2002, DFLabs Italy Srl – a business security company – provides consulting and technical services in the following fields: Information Security Risk Management, Incident Management and Response, Digital Investigations, and Forensics Electronic Discovery, and Log and Vulnerability Management. The company also provides legal advice for complex cases involving computer Crimes, Intellectual Property, Hacking and Compliance. Based in Lombardia, a northern Italian region, the company customer base is composed of enterprises based in Europe, including the eastern region. Additional information about the company is available at

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