Swedish Prosecutors To Talk To Assange in London 2

Swedish Prosecutors To Talk To Assange in London

Swedish prosecutors are to travel to Britain to question the holed-up WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over allegations of sexual assault.

Assange has been taking refuge in London’s Ecuadorean Embassy since June 2012, denying police entry and also the allegation against him.

The NY Times reports that Swedish officials had previously refused to conduct interviews in London. But with some of the crimes set to reach their statute of limitations in August, the officials said that they had changed their minds, and that they had also asked for permission to take a swab of DNA from Mr. Assange. The move could unlock years of stalemate.

“My view has always been that to perform an interview with him at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London would lower the quality of the interview, and that he would need to be present in Sweden in any case should there be a trial in the future,” Marianne Ny, the director of public prosecutions in Sweden, said on Friday in a statement.

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Swedish Prosecutors To Talk To Assange in London 3
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