Atlanta SEO Company Vayu Media offers Website Speed Audit & Analysis Services

VayuMedia delivers website speed audit services to your Businesses.

Atlanta, GA- November 10, 2010–Vayu Media the Atlanta based internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization expands their product offering to include website speed audit and analysis services. The Atlanta SEO Company internet marketing services have focused on driving qualified and targeted traffic to their client’s websites. However, many clients were not able to take fully advantage of the increase in traffic. On many occasions the issue was website speed.
“Speed up your website and increase conversions, therefore, increasing return on advertising spent is easier said then done. In order to be a full service internet marketing provider we decided to help customers who had conversion problems. We analyze their websites and if speed is an issue we can help” explained Jennifer Dunphy, VP of Sales & Marketing.
A consultant will perform a detailed audit of the website application’s performance from the MySQL side. This includes a review the MySQL server’s configuration, operating system and hardware configuration, application architecture, database schema (table design and indexing), and the most important queries. The work is performed remotely and easy problems are fixed, such as MySQL server settings, indexes, and query changes. The clients receive a report on the application’s capacity and scaling potential, as well as recommending changes that will help the client reach performance and scaling needs. If the performance problem lies outside of MySQL, we can diagnose it and in many cases even help solve it. A typical audit yields substantial performance improvements. A typical audit requires less than 10 hours, but complex applications may benefit from more time.
If your MySQL application isn’t performing well, or if you are planning for intense growth and would like to ensure the application is up to the challenge contact Vayu Media.
Media Contact: Jennifer E. Dunphy, VP Sales & Marketing
Email: [email protected]

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