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Simple Bookkeeping Software
Automate financial accounting and bookkeeping module to manage record

Saturday, Nov 14, 2009;
In every business, accounting is very useful to manage revenues and expenditures that finally decide whether a business is going towards failure or success. offers financial accounting and inventory management software to manage various company accounting records in real time.
Financial accounting and bookkeeping software provide fast and easiest accounting solution to successfully maintain the overall financial transactions records. Professional and extremely robust enterprise account management tool provides end to end business solutions for all small and large Company and facilitates easy decision making which helps in gaining competitive lead over business rivals. Technically advanced enterprise inventory management program enables automate business financial accounting records by providing expertise financial accounting and inventory management software with the flexibility to counter with ever changing business environment. Windows compatible invoicing management application maintain all your business related activities and proficiently manage the entire inventory, sale-purchase and accounting records without any bug. Billing and inventory control utility generates business accounting financial transaction reports and save the generated financial reports at specified location and keep unit creation and currency converter facility in order to do sales/purchase, income/expense, profit/loss analysis. Professional and extremely powerful inventory management software has excellent user friendly GUI support without requiring any technical skills or accounting knowledge to work with the accounting software.

Some of the advance features of this software are:
* Application facilitates to maintain the company accounting records in the most systematic manner.
*Provide facility to maintain Balance sheet report, Trial balance, profit & loss report and other accounting reports to evaluate total financial transaction.
* Simple bookkeeping software is cost-effective and no technical learning needed to work on account managing program.
* Financial accounting and inventory management software helpful to make sound economic decision.

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